For the past 15 years, B.Home Interiors has created sensual objects and home furnishings clad in leather. Now united under the GIOBAGNARA brand, these collections are born of expertise which has remained true to the demanding criteria of fine craftsmanship. Launched at the initiative of Giorgio Bagnara, an inventive niche, where leather reigns supreme and production in the workshops in Genoa is 100 % handmade in Italy.

In the world of GIOBAGNARA, objects have a soul and are not blinded by fashion. The design department gives a new spin on leathers following the codes of fashion parades to inspire collections in glowing, vivid colour. Home decor, the worlds ofyachting, hotels, aviation…, a refined, cosmopolitan clientele creates interiors of real character, flaunting the colours of GIOBAGNARA. In the secrecy of the workshops, the art of made-to-measure is within their reach. GIOBAGNARA invents aristocratic know-how, an original vocabulary, creations in tune with the times.

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