Everything that leaves Theresienthal manufactory is handcrafted by Theresienthal only. All of the steps in the creation process, from melting the raw materials to coloring the crystal, require an exceptional level of expertise, care and precision, and have a very long history, dating back thousands of years. Every piece is one of a kind and unique down to each detail.

Most of Theresienthal’s glassmakers have been working for the company for many years, and even decades. That is how Theresienthal’s secret is kept alive and handed down from generation to generation. Theresienthal’s crystal sparkles with a very special lustre.

The new collection crafted by designers Peter Kempe and Thomas Kuball is strongly inspired by Theresienthal’s great epochs and creative phases. Rediscovered shapes from the periods of Historicism, Art Nouveau, and New Objectivity are being carefully adapted to a modern sense of style—timeless crystal glass design never loses its lustre.

Download the 2016 new collection brochure: Neuheiten 2016.

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